Public Sector Partnerships

Public Sector Partnerships Hand ShakeEnhanced Care
operates the same partnering model across its four services.

Our partnerships with Local Authorities and NHS organisations take the form of mutually beneficial commercial arrangements with the priority given to the care of our Service Users in the most cost effective and professional manner.

Enhanced Care User-Led approach

Enhanced Care operates a transparent service with a User-led approach, whether they are a resident or an external user of our services. This gives our partners access to high quality care solutions very quickly with the knowledge that our costs will be affordable fair and honest.

Our professional relationship with our partners is key to the success of our business. We work very closely with our partners, as well as medical consultants and suppliers, to give our Service Users, the quality of care they would wish for.

Continual Assessment

Enhanced Care are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who inspect all our facilities on a regular basis.

We welcome planned and unplanned visits by commissioners and local authority services. Their reports and feedback mean we can cross-check with our own internal assessments of our services, to ensure we maintain consistency and continually improve our services.

Enhanced Care's residents’ physical and mental well-being and health are also continually assessed by us and our local authority partners to ensure the best and most correct level of care is being provided to suit each individual’s personal needs.