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About Us Fellingate Residential Care Home
Enhanced Care
It has always been important for us at Enhanced Care to provide a different kind of Residential Care in NewcastleGateshead and other locations in the North East of England. We wanted to provide luxurious but affordable residential, nursing, dementia and therapeutic care in accommodation where our residents could feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. 

Our next focus was then to provide an “enhanced” level of care which exceeded people’s normal expectations and pre-conceptions of care homes in the UK in general. From the feedback from residents, families, local authorities and health care professionals, we are delivering the high standard of care that we aimed for.

How did we do it?

We developed a unique set of high standard's and principles within our many care facilities for residential and therapeutic services. Building on these solid foundations, we went on to develop expertise in children and young people services focusing on Emotional Behaviour Disorder, Autism and Learning Disabilites. In adult services we focused on Learning Disabilties and Supported Housing with an extensive portfolio of supported living units, where we specialise in helping the transition of adults into living in the community.

Staff are KeyAbout Us Elderly Person with Nurse Residential Care Home
It is our choice of staff however that is at the heart of Enhanced Care. We only appoint staff that are experienced, professional and enjoy caring for young and older people alike, as if they are looking after their own children and family.

Enhanced care have continuous, comprehensive training and assessment programmes and always monitor feedback from our residents and their families.

We have specialists who care for older persons in both day to day care, additionally when nursing and dementia care is required.

We also have children and young people professionals who specialise in autism and autistic behaviour as well as learning difficulties and emotional, psychological, behavioural and social needs

Looking to the Future
Enhanced Care does not stand still either. We have a continual process of developing and improving all aspects of our resdential care homes, including the maintenance and technology of our facilities, employee development and the latest in therapeutic, nursing, dementia and medical care. We are also looking to expand our services, with more homes and increased services.

If you would like more information, whether you are a prospective resident, family or industry professional, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.


Our Commitment

We are committed to providing:

  • Care - to enable our older and younger residents to maintain a high quality of life with respect for their individuality, independence, confidentiality and privacy throughout the North East from Newcastle and Gateshead to Sunderland, Teesside and County Durham.

  • Service - delivering a consistent standard that is appropriate and responsive to the individual's needs in an efficient and effective manner and to help our residents fulfill their emotional and social needs regardless of whether they are children, young people or elderly.

  • Value - to make our services as affordable as possible so they are available to the many and not just the few.

  • Partnerships - to maintain honest, open and fair working practice with our NHS and Social Service partners.